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Sally Sutherland

Acrylic and Pastel
Please contact me for more information

About the Artist

Art is both a challenge and a way to relax for me. Always a nature lover, I enjoy trying to capture the beauty of God's earth in my own way through drawing and painting. The challenge is in pulling things together so that I can express what my heart wants to say through my hands and my mediums of expression. The relaxation comes when I am totally immersed in my creative world and life's harsh realities fade away for a time.

I especially enjoy drawing and painting equine subjects. Having had a passion for them as far back as I can remember I am still constantly moved by their beauty and noble spirit. Large or small, of any color or breed they all fascinate me and I can't stop wanting to draw and paint them. They constantly gnaw at the artist in me and though I like to paint other subjects as well, I'm happiest when painting my equine friends.



"Noble Head"


"Mama Vanner and Foal"

"Getting to Know You"

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