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Members Only Page

Welcome VEAA Member! In this “Members Only” section of the website you have access to information specifically for, of interest to, or for the benefit of VEAA members! This includes access to Member meeting minutes, Frequently Asked Questions, Interesting Links and information on other “perks” of membership.

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VEAA Facebook Page
Call for Images and News

Allow people to get to know you and your work through the VEAA Facebook Page! Remind them that you exist, it is show-and-tell for grown ups! People follow our page because the love equine art. Let’s give them equine art by Virginia artists! (After all, we are the Virginia Equine Art Association!) What can you share? 1) Artwork! Works available for sale, works that have sold, works in progress! 2) Exhibits you are participating in! 3) Your blog posts about your art! 4) Community Service related to your art!

Exhibit at VEAA Shows in Absentia

VEAA artists may send artwork to be included in a VEAA organized show at any event even if they are not able to attend the show themselves. Such artists will share the entry fee with all participating artists and pay a flat fee of $25. In addition, 15% of any of an absent artist’s sales will be distributed among the artists present and working at the exhibit. Non-attending artists will be allotted one or two screens for hanging artwork depending on the available space. Reproductions are placed in bins. If more than five prints are sent, the artist must supply their own bin. If a piece is large, the artist must provide their own transport to and from the exhibit.

Credit Card Processing at VEAA Exhibits

To simplify sales, the VEAA offers credit card processing for members participating in VEAA shows. Both Visa and MasterCard are accepted for purchases, which are handled through a central cashier at each show. Checks are sent to artists from VEAA, usually within a week. There is a small surcharge of 3% of each sale to cover associated costs to the VEAA.