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Frequently Asked Questions

We are introducing this Frequently Asked Questions section to the web site to share the information that board members have been providing on a one on one basis. The initial set focuses on the VEAA Facebook Page but additional topics will be added in the future.

VEAA Facebook Page Questions

With our current membership numbers, if you share once a month, I will easily be able to fill our page for everyday of the month and then some. If you post twice a month, I would be able to start phasing out posting work from non-VEAA artists!

Q: What size image should I use?
Images that are 960-1000 ppi (dpi) on the longest side work well at 96 px. Facebook is now defaulting all images to a resolution of 96 px which is why I recommend that size. If you save at at smaller size than 96 px, the work will not display at it's best quality.

If you don't have software that will adjust the size of your work, feel free to use Click Edit a Photo > Resize > You can enter in the size you wan the image to be. > Click Save at top center of page > Choose Roger (Small size image res... why do they call it Roger??? I have no clue. But they give the size description under each choice.)

Q: Why should I watermark my image?
If your image should get separated from your identity, a watermark helps by becoming your virtual business card. I encourage everyone to include their web address in their watermark in addition to your name to make it easy for people to find you.

Q: How do I post?
If you are part of Facebook, visit the VEAA page and Like Us. Then, you will be able to start sharing by posting on our page. When VEAA likes your post, your post has been scheduled.

If you are not on Facebook, then email me at with a low res image.

Q: Where did my post go?
See the image above. All posts made will go into a section called Posts By Others. Click on See All, and you will be able to view your post and posts made by others.

Q: If I post on the page, will it throw off your posting schedule?
No worries. When you post on the VEAA page, only your friends will see that post in their feed. When I share your post on the VEAA page, the VEAA followers will see the post at that point. In some cases, there may be some overlap, but most people who follow you and the VEAA page typically don't mind and will often like and comment on both posts.

Q: Why hasn't my image I just posted hasn't been shared yet?
Currently, I am following a rule of spacing art posts from the same artist every 5 days so to help give everyone equal representation. (However, if you have a time sensitive announcement or get a really special honor, I try to share those immediately.)