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Linda Nedilsky

Abstract Realist

About the Artist

Growing up in a family of musicians and artists, Linda Nedilsky always had a love for art and music. The family followed the travels of their father, a musician in the United States Air Force. Linda's parents put great importance on learning about art and music while traveling through Europe and through the US, taking Linda to art museums and various concerts. At an early age, Linda showed a natural talent for drawing and painting. Shortly after entering the University of Memphis as a music major, stricken with performance anxiety, she looked to her second passion, art. She changed her major to Fine Arts and Education. When she completed her BFA in 1980, she was hired immediately as an art teacher in the Memphis City Schools in Tennessee. During her 5 year teaching career, she painted commissioned murals while inspiring students in the underprivileged inner city schools of Memphis to realize their own potential. Helping the less fortunate, while embracing her talent, has always been a very important part of Linda’s character. Linda moved to Northern Virginia in 1985 with her husband, a recording engineer for the United States Army Band. During a long visit back to Memphis in 1998, she was honored by being asked to show her work at a local gallery and was featured in the Memphis local newspaper, The Commercial Appeal. After an accident in 2009 led to neck and back surgery, Linda suffered from chronic pain. The only solution to her pain was a type of bodywork called Myofascial Release. Completing her schooling in massage and in myofascial release in 2011, Linda completed additional courses on Equine Myofascial Release. That was the beginning of a deep love of horses and Equine Art. Since then, Linda has had a strong passion for creating realistic and abstract equine, canine, feline, and wildlife paintings reflecting the energy, emotions and beauty of each animal. Other art styles include Landscapes, and Abstracts as well as commissioned works. “I work strictly with acrylics and prefer large canvases to capture the energy of the subject. I enjoy working with bold colors, shapes and figures. My goal is to capture the essence of each animal. When asked to do a commission work, I try to personally meet the horse and to take photos, so I can embrace the individual personality and spirit of each horse, or pet," she says. In 2014, Linda was accepted in a show in NYC featuring two of her abstract artworks. In addition she was a featured artist in 2015 at Art A LaCarte, located in Occoquan, Virginia. Currently Linda has several paintings displayed at The Galloping Grape located in Warrenton, Virginia. Linda actively competes in online international compositions and has won several awards throughout the years.

“Friesian Dance ”


“War Horses”

“Great Escape”

“Two Friesians”

“Glacier Run”

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