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Cheryl Lynn Ernest

Cheryl Lynn Ernest Fine Art
Pastels, Colored Pencil, Oils
Please visit my website to view more samples of my artwork. Feel free to contact me for more information regarding portrait commissions.

About the Artist

I am a resident of Henrico, VA. I worked in the field of residential interior design for over 20 years, and now devote myself full-time to fine art.

My first memory of an artistic experience was at the age of 4, when I crayoned on the living room wall (this was in the day when washable crayons was a figment of the imagination). I was given a rag and told to clean it all off. I rubbed and rubbed that pale blue wall to no avail. I finally burst into tears, rested my head against the wall and pounded it with my fist…my mother’s hanging plaster angels fell to the floor and shattered…I do not recall what happened after that. What I do know is that the burning desire to create beautiful fine art never left me. In 2012, I retired from over 20 years of working as a residential interior designer to devote myself to developing my skills as a portrait artist. I am an active member of the Virginia Equine Artists Association and the Pastel Society of Virginia.

6" X 6"
Pastel Painting

8" X 10"
Colored Pencil Painting

“The Walk”
8.5" X 11"
Colored Pencil Painting

“Here's Looking At You”
7.5" X 5.5"
Colored Pencil Painting

12" X 9"
Pastel Painting

“Young Gypsy Vanner”
9” X 12"
Pastel Painting

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