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BJ Clark

BJ Clark Fine Equine Art/Photography
Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic, Graphite, Pen & Ink
Please visit my website to see more paintings and contact me for more information

About the Artist

My first memory of art is sitting on my father’s lap saying “draw me a horse Daddy.” He did.

Around 7 years old a friend of Mom and Dads won a Kentucky Derby horse from a can of Tobacco tin advertisement. A black Thoroughbred. There was a whole group of kids at this gentleman’s home and He said to me “Do you want to ride!” Can you Imagine?

I fell that day in love with the Thoroughbreds.

The Movement, the Grace, My favorite saying is “The feel of the horse is good for the soul!” He has gotten me through a many rough time. A horse owner, rider, for over 30+ yrs.

To capture in a piece of art, no matter the medium, this love I feel, beauty, movement, personality of each individual is what it is all about. It is exciting, every time I start a new one I am filled with enthusiasm and excitement

I have the same love for the canine world! I raised and trained several over the years. My favorite being the German Shepherd. They are my loyal friends.

“So Close”
Watercolor 19” X 25”

“A Big Event”
Oil 14” X 18"

“Wild Horses of Island of NC”
Watercolor 24 ½” X 15”

Graphite 13” X 17”

“Gypsy Vanner”
Watercolor 15” X 24 ½”

“Haughty Attitude”
Watercolor 15 ½” X 19 ½”

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